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Mixed Martial Arts is currently one of the top fastest growing sports in the world.

Our company is headed by a team of individuals who have a combined 60+ years experience in practicing, coaching and competing at high international levels of martial arts, including the UFC. When you’re allocating sponsorship monies toward a sport, event promoters’ experience in said sport is key to putting on a memorable, exciting, elite-level event for patrons exposed to your service or product.

While thousands of engaged and extremely passionate fans of all ages attend our shows, our key demographic for our LIVE in-person events are between the ages of 25 and 55 years old.

Currently our brand has 22K+ followers across all platforms and reaches 200k-450k viewers leading up to each event on social media through our advertising campaigns, and that number grows every day. With our solid social media fan base, we can utilize the amount of eyes on our pages as exposure to your company name.

We have sponsorship opportunities for a large range of budgets. Contact our marketing department today to have a live call to chat about which sposnosrship level works best for your business!